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During at least the early part of 1970 Elvis often performed in concert on stage with both his 56 J200 and this 1964* Gretsch Country Gentleman, model 6122, serial number 80736.

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My question is: How do you, as a manager, like to see temporary work listed on a resume? I’m concerned that 1) it reflects badly on me that I have yet to find permanent employment 2) I don’t want to crowd out my more relevant internship experience by listing a number of less relevant, although more recent, temp jobs.Hodgkinson, who later died from his injuries, had a record of domestic violence.In 2006, he was charged with domestic battery and aggravated discharge of a firearm. Nearly 1 in 10 Rhode Island high schoolers has already experienced physical dating violence.(Future article pitch: “IHTM -– My Party Trick Now Helps Me Pick Up At Bars!”) Clients would tell things to me they never would say in a normal setting.I always really appreciate that your thoughtful, honest advice, so I’d really like to know what you think.