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Good dating sim games for ps3

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In this article, we will only list otome games that are licensed in English.

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While the ultimate goal is to fall in love and get the happy ending, there are times when the game requires the players to meet certain requirements to get the players’ desired ending.And it’s gaming and other homosocial worlds where men will feel particularly threatened if women try to join in and try to change the balance.That fear response shows up most acutely when games treat “adult” themes such as relationships and sex.If there are no “major titles”, then what is there to play on the Vita? The PS Vita is an amazing system for Japanese games, being one of the best consoles for fans of this particular genre.For those who are not into JRPGs, the Vita library may appear to be lackluster, especially since many titles are also available on PS3 or PS4 systems.In the gaming world, there is no escape from the never-ending console wars.