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CDAC is a group of Purdue Chemistry alums with experience ranging from industry leadership, university research and entrepreneurship.In this exercise, they will evaluate and provide feedback so students can polish their pitch.Students attending the conference are seeking positions as interns or full-time employees.The career fair is open to all interested Purdue University students and alumni, as well as students from area colleges.While the focus is certainly on Cooperative Education, the Professional Practice Career Fair will also facilitate many internship and full-time employment opportunities.Cooperative Education, colloquially known as “Co-Op,” is a work-integrated plan of study where students alternate terms of on-campus, academic study with terms of work with an industry partner.

By requiring successive work sessions with the same employer, Co-Op allows students to gain progressive levels of responsibility, leading to an enhanced understanding of the student’s chosen profession.

While historically associated with engineering disciplines, students from 45 majors located in eight academic colleges are eligible to participate in Co-Op.

Currently, the Office of Professional Practice serves nearly 800 students across the 3- and 5-Session Co-Op programs, having seen a 132% increase in 3-Session participation in the last five years.

During Great Lakes Bioinformatics conference 2015 at Purdue, as part of the Great Lakes Regional Student Group (RSG), I have organized three events: (i) bowling social event, (ii) RNA-Seq hands-on trainging workshop, and (iii) scientific speed dating.

Here are a few pictures of the events, and the first check I received from ISCB after approval of our proposal: Graduation moments are always memorable, looking back at your past few years and evaluating if you reached your goals that you have set in the beginning.