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Such works have also often been subject to censorship and other legal restraints to publication, display, or possession.

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And here is the code for the valve: To make the Valve work, you need to declare it in the The reason why the session id is not renewed if you call Session Internal(true) is because of the way how the catalina request class creates a new session.

It has fundamental information about what a session is and how to manage it. Just to recap, session is a conversion between a server and a client.At the end of that article I have given a preview about “5. An elite way to manage the session in servlets is to use API.Any web server supporting servlets will eventually have to implement the servlet API. the Security White Paper of the BSI ) suggest to renew the given Session id after a successful login.According to the BSI paper there a four steps to renew the session id: A valve is a special filter that operate outside of a web application.Servlet API will use one of the underlying traditional mechanisms like cookies, URL rewriting, but that will happen behind the scenes and you need not worry about it!