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So I'm in basic training for the army right now and my whole company shot expert so we have our phone for the whole day and I already called everyone I want to, so wondering if you guys can fill me in on anything big I've missed from June 18 to present day.Xbox One Green Screen of Death Issue has been reported by gamers on official Xbox Support forums.So I get home from work, looking to watch Netflix, turn on Xbox, has a system update so I update. I had a similar issue and was unable to load the home screen.I decide to watch TV in the meantime, check back every so often to see progress, check it, Xbox is frozen on the start up loading screen. It does its logo fly by, then a white screen with a loading circle then my background picture from the theme I have pops in, circle still going but 5 seconds later, it freezes. Unplugged my Xbox from the network and it booted normally.Xbox One boots till initial green screen and completely freezes, read details HERE.Xbox One Controller Not Responding: After Turning Xbox One ON in Intial Setup TURN THE CONSOLE OFF AND ON- THEN IT is fixed Cross Game Party System is Defaulted as OFF, You have to "Turn ON Party Chat" before joining.I logged in and was prompted to do an update, so I did. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it didn't make a difference.The update got stuck at 90% as it said 'applying update'. It just attempted to load like usual then went to the red light.

Now whenever I turn it on, it sits there for 10 seconds, then shows a red light. also make sure you are holding the sync before you hit the power button.This is a minor issue and should be fixed within a few days after the consoles launch on November 22.Inserting a disc and installing it should be an easy task, but things have gone awry for some users.Simply just launch the game once the xbox loads to the sign in screen (unless you have automatic sign in..you might be screwed), launch the game, and then choose your gamer profile.I haven’t had any problems with the game so far, but i dont wanna try going to the dashboard yet to fuck it up.i have no problem booting up my xbox however thats without the hdd, with the hdd it freezes when i try to sign into xbox live... (want to play online but cant cuz i cant sign into live as its on my hdd)I haven't noticed this, but I have had both Blops 2 and Modern Warfare 3 freeze on me since I updated.This issue is likely due to a high increase in update traffic on the Microsoft server due to the Xbox One console launch, similair to the launch of the PS4.